Core Technologies

1. Ideal combustion chamber shape, excellent intake and exhaust effects, and OHV structure that greatly improves combustion efficiency;

2. Overhead valve (OHV) design, low engine operating temperature, strong power, reliable and durable, and save fuel;

3. Professional speed stabilizer reduces uneven operation caused by load changes;

4. The hand recoil starter is easy to start due to the pressure relief mechanism, and it starts successfully within 3 times;

5. Transistorized magneto ignition system, exerts stable ignition performance, low fuel consumption, low fuel consumption and good economy;

6. Improve the cooling air channel to improve the cold dynamic performance, thereby further reducing fuel consumption. Low center of gravity design, low vibration;

7. The cast iron cylinder liner not only effectively improves the lubrication, but also makes the engine more wear-resistant and prolongs the engine life;

8. The low oil level of engine oil will automatically alarm and shut down to prevent the engine from working at low oil level and give the engine more protection;

9. The metal cam and forged crankshaft make the engine more reliable and durable.